Lush Metamorphosis Bath Bomb – Review

Today I am going to be reviewing another bath bomb by Lush Cosmetics. If you read my last blog post, Recent Purchases 2, then you will know that when I was in Bournemouth I bought a few bath bombs from Lush. One of them was Metamorphosis.


The overall smell is very unusual. To me it smells like a mix of insense and jasmine. It seems very relaxing and the sort of smell that would help you wind down.


Before letting the bomb dissolve the appearance, as with the scent, is unusual. While it may set off your trypophobia (look it up), it is very intriguing. It is a black/ charcoal colour with black glitter.

Once I let the bath bomb fizz I was disappointed by the plain grey it created. However after a while green, yellow, pink and orange escaped. The bath bomb broke in half making different colours explode into the water. The final appearance of the bath is a sort of ombré effect of orange and pink.


Like I mentioned in my previous Lush review, I really hate the sticky feeling that some bath bombs leave you. This bath bomb, like the other, does not make you feel sticky and slimy! It moisturises your skin in a subtle way. Lush have seriously upped their game considering bombs like Butterbear or the Butterball (i’m guessing any with Butter in the title) make you feel uncomfortable.

Overall I really liked this bath bomb. I wouldn’t say it was a favourite and probably wouldn’t buy it again but it is still nice to use if you need to relax. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Let me know if you have any Lush products that you would like me to review. Thank you for reading,

Jessica x


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