Escape the Night with Joey Graceffa

Today I’m going to talk to you about a TV show I have been obsessed with recently: Escape the Night. This is an unscripted and unrehearsed programme on YouTube Red with all of your favourite Youtubers in. It was created by the Youtuber Joey Graceffa and currently it is on episode for season 2.  Although I have only seen these four episodes and the first episode of season 1, I absolutely love it. It is so exciting and I love watching all the youtubers taking on challenges.1200x627-Q80_55887ac7c08acbd0bc546b525bbdf1b6

The story line (of season 2) is basically Joey is brainwashed into inviting all of his YouTube friends to a masquerade ball at a mansion. When you get to the mansion you have to take on the persona of a character from the specific time period which is the Victorian Era. The carrage that takes you there can travel through time so once you are in the mansion, it is the Victorian times and there is no technology or anything modern.

The YouTubers starring in the show are:

Liza Koshy – The Explorer

Alex Wassabi – The Novelist

Tyler Oakly – The Thespian

LaurDIY – The Engineer

Jesse Wellens (PrankvsPrank) – The Outlaw

Tana Mongeau – The Saloon Girl

Andrea Russet – The Mystic

Destorm Power – The Railroad Tycoon

TheGabbieShow – The VaudevillianwVqwoqFU3u4

Basically they all turn up at the house and not everything is as it seems. The owner of the house is very creepy and Joey is no where to be seen. The group find out that the rest of the guests are vampires who try and attack them.

The group have to save Joey, save themselves and every episode two people from the group are voted by the others to go head to head to find one of the 12 stones that will help them escape. If they do not find all of these by midnight they will be trapped in this house and time period forever. The person that loses the challenge gets killed. So far one person has died per episode.

I really love watching this because it feels like a reality TV show with youtubers because it is not scripted. They all have to react how they would in that situation which I think is really cool. It really shows the youtubers true talents.

Overall I really love this programme. If it sounds interestng to you then go to Joey Graceffa’s channel and watch the first episode (its free). I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Thank you for reading,

Jessica x




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  1. I love this show it’s so good!

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  2. Dont have youtube red. Otherwise I would watch the show!

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