Justin Bieber at BST – Concert

On Sunday 2nd June I went to British Summer Time in Hyde Park with theblueeyedbakr. BST is an annual music event in London with about a dozen bands/ singers performing. The artist that headlined the event was Justin Bieber. Me and my sister love Justin’s music so we couldn’t wait to see him live.

To get to Hyde Park, I had to get on numerous trains and tubes. Before we went to the event we had lunch at The Real Greek in Covent Garden. It was a lovely meal, however getting there was a bit of a pain. To get out of Covent Garden’s tube station you have to either take the lift up or climb 193 steps to the top… I don’t like lifts at all so I decided to clim the stairs. Everyone else followed me (without reading the sign). We were trudging up the twirling staircase of which you cannot see the top or bottom, when we got to a small sign saying ‘121 steps to go’. What? We had only climbed 72 steps and we were all basically dying. It was torture. By the time we got to the top I couldn’t breathe, my chest hurt and my feet killed. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying my delicious meal and refreshing Orangeade.

Next we had to get on even more tubes to get to Hyde Park. I walked back down the 193 steps while everyone else went in the lift, then we got to Hyde Park. After being checked by security we found a good spot on the grass and laid down our picnic blankets. Before Justin Bieber came on there were a few artists that we saw including Tove Lo, Martin Garrix and Anne Marie.

Hyde Park was decorated so nicely for the event. It felt very summery. There was a line of bars and resturaunts that looked like a row of colourful houses in another country like Spain. There were also palm trees and it felt as though you were on holiday.

Me and my friends wanted to get an ice cream and McDonalds had a McFlurry van with a giant ice cream pot next to it. Justin wasn’t meant to come on for another 15 minuets so we went an queued outside the giant pot. Apparently inside the pot was a studio where you take a 180 degree photo. This was really cool but all we wanted was an ice cream but you had to get a picture done for a free McFlurry. We had or picture taken and it was really good. Then we lined up to claim our free ice cream. It was another 5 minuets until we got our ice cream. Then we heard music from the stage. On the giant screen was Justin’s face. He was already singing although he wasn’t due for another 5 or so minuets. We raced back to our picnic blanket (getting a bit lost on the way), then my sister told me he had been on for 15 minuets already. We had missed hime come on because he came on early.

Luckily we only missed 3 songs. For the next hour and a half Justin sang most of his songs including Baby, Sorry and Boyfriend. Everyone screamed when he started singing Baby (including me). Justin sang amazingly considering it was live. I had such a brilliant time. There were fireworks, lasers and fire. I bought a JB tour t-shirt with the list of cities on the back.

After the show we got back on the tube and I bought a salad in M&S for dinner. When I got home at about midnight my voice had basically gone. The day after I couldn’t really speak and even now I’m a bit croaky still!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I had an amazing day. Justin Bieber was great and sung amazingly. Thank you for reading,

Jessica x


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