Pretty Little Liars Finale – TV Review/ Rant



Today the last ever Pretty Little Liars episode came out. It was 1 hour and 27 minuets long which is way more than the usual 41 minuets. Personally I was very excited about this episode, I’d heard that it would answer any questions you had about it and I can safely say it did. However I was a bit disappointed by the ending.

Fist of all, the beginning scene. What was that all about? The five girls are sitting outside a cafe, casually talking while practically a circus just walks by them. Lucas is tap dancing. “Hey Lucas” they all say completely chilled as if this is normal behavior. Then Jenna strides past on a horse and they don’t even see her. It was all very strange but I think it was just in Mona’s mind because after that she is seen in a mental hospital talking to AD.

This episode revealed who the infamous AD was. I, and many other PLL fans, have been looking forward to find out who this is since half way through season 6 – when we found out that AD existed.

When the show revealed that Charlotte – A.K.A Cece/ Charles – was the original A, everyone was so shocked, including me. I was very happy with this ending, however today, not so much.

AD is Spencer Hastings’ twin sister Alex Drake (who is also Mary’s daughter and Charlotte’s half sister). Seriously? A twin? A character we have never met before?The story was that she came to Rosewood to find Charlotte’s killer. Obviously she didn’t suspect Mona considering she was working for her all that time… But she can’t be that stupid if she created an entire interactive board game.

I really hate when shows do this. We’ve been waiting WEEKS to find out who AD was, making up theories. Then Warner Bros. ruined our lives by introducing a new character. I was very annoyed. Plus this new character was played by Troian Bellisaro who plays Spencer already and she had a terrible fake British accent.

I was hoping that AD would be someone like Jenna. Me and my sister thought that Paige would be AD because that would’ve been amazing. I never really liked her, I thought she was quite boring and I never liked her with Emily. If she was AD it would have made her quite interesting. Also she did have a motive, she hated Alison.

I think it was because there have been 7 seasons and 7 years leading up to this ending and I expected it to be more exciting.

I did like a lot of other parts though. It was quite exciting when Spencer and Ezra try and escape the dungeon/ prison thingy, and I loved seeing Ezra and Aria’s wedding and seeing Emily and Alison’s baby. They’re twins too! So many twins.

I also loved how they ended Mona’s story. She now owns a petite doll shop in France and the inside of the shop looks a lot like her teenage bedroom, especially with the French vinyl records playing. It was brilliant how she had Mary and Alex in her basement and treated them as dolls.

The rest of the girl’s endings were also very sweet. I’ll admit, I cried a bit… Aside from the AD let down, I think the rest of the episode was very good. I have loved PLL for ages so to see it end was quite strange.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, It was quite a rant. Although I didn’t like who AD was, I have nothing against the cast or creators of PLL. Other than that, the rest of the season was amazing. Let me know if you saw the finale episode too and what you thought about it. Who did you want to be AD? Thank you for reading,

Jessica x



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  1. I wanted Maya to be AD as it would of made for a really exciting episode (plus there wouldn’t be a need for a FAKE and TERRIBLE British accent)

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